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Throughout his career as a notable cardiovascular surgeon, Dr. Lees has come to appreciate and understand the importance of early diagnosis and treatment.   Having performed thousands of heart surgeries,  he encourages all patients who might be potential candidates for cardiac disease to become engaged in the diagnostic process as early as possible.  As a surgeon who has held the heart in his hand and witnessed firsthand the ravages of cardiovascular disease, he has made a commitment not only to continue his tradition of excellence in surgery but also to the process of early diagnosis,  intervention and treatment.   


Minimally Invasive Surgery


Surgery PictureDr. Lees is currently involved in studying percutaneous aortic valve replacement, a procedure initially developed and first performed  in Europe in 2002.  This minimally invasive procedure involves transporting a synthetic valve through an incision made in the groin.  An extremely effective treatment for patients suffering from severe aortic stenosis and who are too ill to undergo major surgery, percutaneous aortic valve replacement is currently in clinical trials.

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Dr. Lees discusses patient centered comprehensive cardiac care, detection of symptoms, diagnosis, intervention and his complete commitment to patient care.

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